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Apparently, the un-restrained and in-exact quasi-official spokesman for the Wildomar City Council has felt the need to issue a further statement on “what happens next” with regard to the implementation of Measure Z.

Since his first self-generated pronouncement appeared in the comments of the recent Press Enterprise article, as well as the last Wildomar Magazine article, it appears to be necessary to utilize another local medium, the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, to provide a much more detailed, but no less confusing or inaccurate blog to re-state his position.

Let’s take a look at his latest pronouncement, with my commentary interspersed (in bold and blue), as follows:

“The Riverside Registrar of Voters has certified the election results and Measure Z has passed. While that marks the end of a very long road to creating a funding source for our parks, it also marks the beginning of a new road towards developing and maintaining a park system that fits the needs of the community.

I thought that the very wordy Measure Z Ballot Question created by the consultant more than “said it all,”as follows:

1) To reopen closed community parks.
2) Prevent closure of Marna O’Brien Park.
3) Restore funding for recreational services/community events.
4) Maintain safe playground equipment, clean public restrooms, sports fields and youth/children’s recreation/afterschool programs.
5) Restore park security patrol/safety lighting.
6) Remove graffiti.

Perhaps the Wildomar City Council should simply execute Items 1-6 before they initiate the development of a “park system that fits the needs of the community.”

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

It’s not going to be easy to identify exactly how to achieve that goal. Part of the City Council’s job will be to review each of the parks and identify what physical improvements each of the existing parks could benefit from and then set priorities to match the budget.

(Once again, see Items 1-6).

Since the City of Wildomar will be collecting twice the amount of money previously collected, Items 1-6 should easily “match the budget,” unless someone else has something else in mind.

The most important “To-do”, to most people in the community, is to define the “When”. Our new Parks Tax will not be collected until 2014. That’s quite a ways into the future. We have already seen how hard the non-profit “Friends for Wildomar Parks” has struggled to keep Marna O’Brien open, and has found only a limited success. Even with their hard work and good intentions they are currently thousands of dollars in debt to the utility companies. Leaving the park, solely in the hands of this non-profit doesn’t appear practical.

For the record, Measure Z taxes will appear on your tax bill as of July 01, 2013, with your payment on the the first half of the tax due on November 01, 2013, but payable by December 10, 2013.

The second half is due on February 01, 2014, but payable by April 10, 2014.

Despite the efforts of the hard-working volunteers, their exploitation by the city could not overcome the not-unexpected failure of the incompetent “model” and leadership of the nonprofit.

The City Council does have the option of temporarily funding parks until the park tax funding is available. A question that has come up in the community is, “Can the City Council borrow from their back-up fund to re-open the parks and pay that back over time from the Parks Tax”? While this sounds interesting and possibly a positive move, there is little doubt that the City Council will have their legal staff review this, in detail, and identify exactly what the state law says on the issue.

There is no “backup fund” in the City of Wildomar. There are “contingency funds” and “reserve funds” that are generally only to be used in an emergency. Publicly promoting a “question” as a possible solution, without first knowing the legal and political ramifications thereof, is wholly consistent with the ongoing demonstration of incompetence.

These issues will need to be addressed over the next couple of months and an initial set of goals identified to get the parks moving in the right direction, but don’t expect this to be a slam dunk. We will have Parks, We will have Events, We will have Activities, but we can’t expect City Council to rush this. The community has decided it does want parks, but we also understand the community wants to see this done correctly, even if it takes a little longer to get the plan just right.

Since the Wildomar City Council, and their surrogates, rushed Measure Z onto the November 06, 2012 ballot, they can be “rushed” into executing Item 1 with no misgivings. In fact, since Measure Z played on the emotions of its citizens to induce them into voting for Measure Z, would be patently dishonest now delay the implementation of the reopening of Windsong Park, which could be accomplished by the simple removal of the fence and gate, making it accessible once again.

Yes, Wildomar will have Parks, but that’s just the answer to the first question.  I believe it’s important for the City Council to hear from the community on this issue.  Please take the time to come to the next City Council meeting or send in your comments prior to the meeting.”

(See Items 1-6).

Other than the above, I felt the $23,000 telephone poll survey conducted by the Lew Edwards Group was supposed to accomplish that.

One of the important elements left out of the above “clarification,” was the previous comment by the spokesman to “someday reopen the closed parks.”

“Someday,” is not going to sit well with some Measure Z proponents.

If you want to read the blog for yourselves, please click on the following:


Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

The bottom line is that the Wildomar City Council needs to display some competence and integrity in this entire process by producing what they “sold” to the community, at the earliest opportunity.


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