Wildomar Magazine Is Right On The Money…



… on the cost of animal control services.

According to the recent Californian article on “municipal housecleaning,” the City of Wildomar is making preparations for the future employment of key staff members, including Animal Services staff.

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Hopefully, this reflects a realistic recognition by city management at its current relationship with Animal Friends of the Valleys (“JPA”) is not economically sustainable. As WM has previously calculated,  the City of Wildomar could provide its own “properly-sized” animal control services for no more than $170,000 per year (less $82,000 per year in license revenues now ceded to Animal Friends).

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As you can see from my previous calculations, my numbers were reasonable and accurate, and now confirmed, by the City of Wildomar.

According to the Agenda Packet for the November 14, 2012 City Council meeting, the following salary tables were promulgated and approved:

1) Animal Services Officer – Salary range from $32,946.06 to $41,145.12.
2) Animal Services Supervisor – Salary range from $46,350.42 to $57,895.31.

Based on the above, if the City of Wildomar hired an Animal Services Officer AND an Animal Services Supervisor at the top of the proposed  salary ranges, the total amount would be $99,040.43 (plus benefits), which compares favorably with my previous calculation and projection of a total of $110,000.

However, in true bureaucratic fashion, government seems to feel the need for a qualified animal services officer to be supervised by an identically qualified animal services supervisor, answering to a “non-animal services qualified” Committee Services Director. (Is that duplication or even more bureaucratic, triplification?)

In my calculations a single, qualified animal service officer should be able to handle a total of less than 5 (4.8, to be exact) stray dogs/stray cats per day.

The point is, dear reader, however the City of Wildomar configures its animal control services, the total cost will be far less than the $411,000 annual cost for being a part of the Animal Friends of the Valleys Joint Power Agency. And apparently, the executive staff of the City of Wildomar is finally heeding Wildomar Magazine’s advice and appears to be making preparations for the eventual secession from the Animal Friends JPA.

I noted a recent payment (quarterly?) to the Animal Friends JPA in an amount in excess of $100,000, so with a modest amount of planning and preparation, the current budget contains the financial resources necessary to immediately initiate, and properly fund, Wildomar’s very own municipal animal control service.

All it will take to start the process will be the leadership and direction from the Wildomar City Council to move forward.

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 On the other hand, Wildomar City Council can “hang in there” until the Animal Friends JPA refinances their $15 million bond, which will contractually “lock-in” the City of Wildomar to a debt obligation of approximately 20%, or $3 million.

At present, the City of Wildomar can secede from the Animal Friends JPA with a 60 day written notice and reimbursement of any outstanding debt, which is currently approximately $57,000 for a “loan.”


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