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According to the Online Dictionary, the following definition of “pipe dream”:


Flush with success of the apparent passage of Measure Z, with what appears to be a razor-thin 208 vote margin of success, park proponent John Lloyd and Wildomar City councilmember Bob Cashman have indulged themselves in flights of fantasy over $350,000 per year “revenue stream,” as if the passage of the parcel tax measure is somehow a mandate to convert every remaining undeveloped parcel of land in Wildomar into a park.

For example, in today’s Californian, the following comments by each were noted:

 When asked for his reaction to the realization that Measure Z had passed, Lloyd said, “That it’s about time. It’s been a very, very long road, and here at the end, it’s been two weeks (of waiting) since the election.”

 Wildomar park supporters believe that achieving the super-majority level of support for Measure Z amounts to a strong statement of public will.

It tells me that the people understood how important it was to make sure we have parks,” Councilman Bob Cashman said. “They came out and voted for making parks available in Wildomar and I’m very, very happy.”

At the end of the day, despite the best efforts of any future Citizens Committee, all of the budgetary allocations for “park-related services” will mostly erode the $350,000.

It is the nature of “bureaucracy” to do that.

Even if the dreamers are counting on the election of Kevin Jeffries over Bob Buster producing a gift of the land adjacent to Ronald Reagan Elementary School, there will be insufficient funds available to turn a deep arroyo into a usable park facility.

 It is more likely that the recently reported budgetary shortfall for the sheriff’s and fire departments will overwhelm Wildomar’s budget (whether chasing the VLF funds are successful or not).

On a more personal note,  the large “crack” developing in the paved surface of the street in front of my tract home will soon have to be addressed by the City as  any accumulated rainfall descends into the crack and  percolates into the expansive soils beneath the asphalt surface, creating the potentially destructive forces of “heave” and “uplift.”

Measure Z was the simple passage of a minimal replacement tax, not a mandate for anyone’s park obsession.

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