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“BIRG”-ing, is an acronym for “Basking In Reflected Glory” by associating with someone else’s “success” as a means of elevating one’s own diminished self-esteem.

Wikipedia provides a fuller definition, for context, as follows:


The “normal” political state in Wildomar is for the Wildomar City Council members to “BIRG” about local events, such as the Clinton Keith Road bridge, whose construction has little or nothing to do with any engineering skills or political influence, wielded by any individual, or group of individuals which make up the Wildomar City Council. Nevertheless, said lack of influence has not diminished their ongoing association with the construction project as if they were somehow responsible for any of its progress.

Oddly, if not unseemly, the City of Wildomar  is now indulging itself in a reverse twist of the phenomenon.

According to a press release issued by the City of Wildomar, Mayor Ben Benoit has been chosen to replace the outgoing Mayor of Riverside, Ron Loveridge, on the hyper-environmentalist Southern California Air Quality Management District (“SCAQMD”).

Please click on the following to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, for context and confirmation:


While Mayor Benoit might take personal satisfaction in his appointment (it might be a resume enhancement), it adds little value to the citizens of Wildomar and only displays the desperate and adolescent need for affirmation and approval by others on the part of City Staff to issue the press release in the first place, as if the appointment somehow enhances Wildomar’s thin resume.

In addition, it appears that Mayor Benoit’s appointment will not take effect until February 2013, two months after the end of his tenure as Mayor of Wildomar, making his replacement of the Mayor of Riverside far “less prestigious,” (apparently prestige is more important than accomplishment) and, perhaps, creating a one-year  delay of Mayor Pro Tem Tim “Mad Dog” Walker’s accession to the pinnacle of Wildomar’s student government-like political body.

Which is, in my opinion, not necessarily a bad thing.

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At the very least, or most, depending on how you look at it, we will know who to call to complain to when we are prohibited by the AQMD from using our personal fireplaces on a cold and rainy evening.


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