Wildomar Magazine Had It Right On The Money….




Although the vote counting is still not completed by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters, it appears, after finally heeding my oft-repeated recommendation that the Wildomar City Council pursue a $28 per year parcel tax to replace LMD-2006 (Landscape Maintenance District, a legally-flawed, County-created funding mechanism to replace the Ortega Trails Recreation & Park District), that Measure Z will eke out an electoral victory with only a slight margin over the 66.6% “super majority” required for passage.

For factual documentation, please click on the following link to Wildomar Magazine (and scroll down to “Pardon Me While I Dawdle Awhile,” October 25, 2010):


However, rather than listening to sound advice and wisdom, the adolescents on the Wildomar City Council instead “considered the source,” and indulged their petty feelings about Wildomar Magazine, and it’s editor (Your’s Truly), taking the community of Wildomar on a long, and expensive, tour of their adolescent and petulant world of high school-like student government

Let’s revisit the adolescent tour, and it’s cost, for context as follows:

1) Blue Ribbon Committee (COST: A five-month delay, resulting in a “hurry up and vote on something” process, which resulted in the unsuccessful Measure D, plus the $16,500 paid to Webb & Associates).
2) Measure D (COST: $102,000 wasted on a failed election).
3) Measure Z (COST: $58,500 for a telephone survey and an “educational” campaign by the Lew Edwards Group, plus at least $12,000 for the cost of the election itself).
4) Loss of Community (COST? Throughout the various “Comments” sections of the local media, such as the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, and the social media, such as Facebook, those thoughtful citizens who vocally opposed the imposition of another tax, were described as “haters,” as well as other derisive terms, probably forever ending a natural sense of comity and friendship within the City of Wildomar.

I guess that means that Wildomar has achieved the same status of seared and soiled cityhood that one would find in Lake Elsinore, Murrieta and Temecula.

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