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It appears that a strong showing by a previously-unknown City Council candidate, Mitch Miller, has given Incumbent Wildomar city councilmember Bob Cashman, a post-election epiphany on he and his Council colleague’s presumed approval by the citizens of Wildomar.

Which is why conducting an election every two years is a good thing.

But only if those who are elected, or reelected, understand what the voting outcome means.

Apparently, Cashman has already completed some internal political introspection.

According to a recent Californian article, Cashman stated the following:

That Miller, a political unknown who did little campaigning, did so well, Cashman said, indicates that Moore and himself have some work to do in heeding the constituents.

“When you look at the percentages, the two of us could have been a lot higher, so some people are not happy with things,” he said. “So that’s what we need to be paying attention to and, now that we’ve been re-elected, we better pay attention to it.”

Please click on the following link to read his remarks in context, as follows:

According to the numbers provided by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters, Bridgette Moore received 4664 votes (34.89% of the total) and Cashman received 3831 votes (28.66% of the total).

In contrast and comparison the “unknown candidates,” Mitch Miller and Richard Cary received a combined 4874 votes (36.45% of the total), confirming that more people voted for “Anybody but Bridgette…) or Bob.

Having more votes cast for two unknown candidates, each running sub-par campaigns (Miller did not actively campaign and Cary did not pay for a campaign statement), than either of the incumbents is surely a reflection of the dissatisfaction among the citizens of Wildomar.

Opposition and dissension within our community is not likely to subside with the completion of this recent election, regardless of the outcome of the vote count for Measure Z. That horse “left the barn” more than 200 years ago.

A healthy democracy will always contain robust debate.

The hyperbole of the term “haters,” as used by pro-park proponents, will not diminish any oppositional activism. In fact, is likely to incite and inspire higher levels of opposition.

However, there is always hope that the softer side of Bob Cashman might have some influence on the rest of his colleagues to encourage all of them, as a representative body, the future, to give a fairer hearing and reasonable consideration to those in the community who may have differing opinions on issues related to the City of Wildomar.

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