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But all residents, including those who may have voted against Measure Z, have a right to participate in the decision-making process regarding the future of our parks.

But that is apparently not what John Lloyd thinks.

According to one of my sources, John Lloyd reportedly posted the following on his Facebook page on Saturday:

Now it’s tme(sic) for the community to plan. Whith(sic) a super majority approving parks in the community, what does the majority want from their parks?”

Measure Z language included the establishment of a “citizen committee” to provide community oversight to the Wildomar City Council as to the usage and disbursement of Measure Z funds.

The Riverside County Registrar of Voters has not yet certified the election, confirming the final vote count on the measure, and already we are being told by Lloyd that only the “majority” will be heard on their “wants” for Wildomar’s parks.

Apparently, Lloyd (who has not  been appointed to any citizen committee since it doesn’t yet exist) appears to be willing to exclude any interested resident who may have voted “no” on Measure Z

 Does this mean that any interested resident must reveal how he/she voted in the privacy of his/her election booth in order to participate?

If he/she voted “no,” must he/she lie in order to contribute their ideas?

It appears that John Lloyd has exceeded the limits of his own delusional self-empowerment with his thought processes.

Whether Measure Z is finally certified by the Registrar of Voters, whatever the makeup of the Citizen Committee, Marna O’Brien Park, Windsong Park and Heritage Regency Park are each equally the “owned” property of all residents of the City of Wildomar.

Unless they renounce John Lloyd’s ideas about citizen participation, only John Lloyd, and the Wildomar City Council, will “own” his hallucinations.

Will a “loyalty oath” become the next “thing” in Wildomar?

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It appears that “now its the time,” is actually a premature concept.

We must wait for the Registrar of Voters to certify the votes, then wait for the Wildomar City Council to establish the citizens committee, and then, most important of all, wait for any tax payments to actually arrive at City Hall in January 2014 before we can spend it on “majority” dreams.

While planning is a good thing, if conducted by mature adults, acting out on adolescent hallucinations is not.


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