Citizens For Wildomar Parks Tries To Re-Write History But….



Apparently feeling a bit more confidence in the eventual outcome of the final vote count on Measure Z, someone representing Citizens For Wildomar Parks political action committee, has added their anonymous comments to a recent Californian article on the current status of the vote count.

Provided for your edification, dear reader, with my corrective comments interspersed (in blue), the following:

 “Citizens For Wildomar Parks – 8 hours ago

For the Citizens of Wildomar I wanted to provide you with a clear and truthful picture.

Back last spring, Marsha Swanson asked the City staff to bring to the Council information to review, “If putting the parks issue back on the ballot was worth considering”.

“Back last spring” is suggestive of March or April. In fact, Swanson made the suggestion on June 13, 2012, which is the final week of “spring” but at the very start of the election season. Bridgette Moore and Bob Cashman, as incumbents up for reelection, should have abstained from voting on the issue. However, they both overlooked the “conflict of interest” and voted in support of Swanson’s last-minute suggestion.

Please click on the following link to the City Council minutes of June 13, 2012 (and scroll down to page 10) to confirm:

When the staff presented to the Council, the Council was concerned that the community may not support parks, and prior to putting the issue back on a ballot, a survey needed to be taken to verify that the community wanted parks, since it had been shot down (by a record low turnout) in a previous election.

Measure D was defeated by the politically lethal attachment of a Mello Roos/Communities Facilities District which was the recommendation of the John Lloyd-led Blue Ribbon Committee.

As to the issue of “low turnout,” it is likely that having an “Special Election” on June 07, 2011, was an amateur political calculation on the part of the City Council, hoping thereby to significantly reduce the number of “Yes” votes necessary to attain a 66 2/3% supermajority.

The survey showed the community did want parks, but the way it had been presented previously, did not address the parks issue from a perspective the community could easily understand.

In a brief moment of truthfulness, Citizens For Wildomar Parks (“CFWP”) inadvertently admits that the previous amateurish parks measure needed the help of professionals. Unfortunately, $102,000 was wasted on amateur efforts.

The city hired a company to prepare mailers to inform the community, what the new tax would provide and what safe guards were in place with it.

This is what the council voted to spend money on, verifying the community wanted parks, and informing the community of the upcoming tax.

Again, do not be misled by Kenny and Martha. They have created most of the problems and frivolous lawsuits the City has had to defend over the past four years. They are again trying to mislead you. I am proud of the citizens of Wildomar for standing up to those that would make Wildomar a lessor place to live.

Unfortunately for Wildomar, rather than being gracious in victory, CFWP continues to lash out at private citizens who’ve spoken out in opposition to Measure D and Measure Z, a reasonable prerogative in our democratic society.

For the record, “Martha” has only been involved in one lawsuit, to my knowledge, and she prevailed. That is hardly the definition of “frivolous.”

In addition, to my knowledge, “Kenny” has not been involved in a recent litigation involving the City of Wildomar.

Thank you for Voting YES on PARKS and YES on having a strong community!

In conclusion, in my opinion, the entire Measure Z effort was primarily initiated on behalf of incumbent city councilmember Bridgette Moore, in order for her to have something other than her voting record to run on.

That being said, if Measure Z retains its current lead in the vote count and is declared the eventual winner, it’s legacy will be the vengeance and the vindictiveness that continues to be displayed by the pro-park proponents, including Citizens For Wildomar Parks, which is led by none other than John Lloyd himself.

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