Council Failure To Pass Tax Measure….




I’m not talking about Measure Z, whose fate is yet to be decided by uncounted ballots from the November 06, 2012 election.

Rather, the abject failure of the Wildomar City Council to pass the Mello Roos-tainted Measure D in June 2011 will continue to torment our community until approximately January 2014.

If you haven’t done so, please read the following Californian article written by Michael J. Williams, for context:

Even if measure Z passes, the new parcel tax will not be applied until fiscal year 2013-14, meaning the first payment will not be due until November 01, 2013, but not “late” until December 10, 2013, meaning any disbursement of tax increment from the Riverside County tax collector will likely not occur until January or February of 2014.

By comparison, had Measure D passed in June 2011, it would have been applied to the 2012-13 property tax obligation and tax increment would have been received as of January 2012, making the volunteer efforts at Marna O’Brien Park a successful “bridge,” rather than a disheartening “waste” of volunteer community effort.

As a result, given that the current park maintenance “arrangement” with the unregistered “non-profit organization” is already beset by past-due electric and water bills, the Wildomar City Council has very limited options to bridge the gap between now and 2014, even if Measure Z passes.

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Once again, the ineptitude of the Wildomar City Council is a detrimental force in our community. Ironically, many of the pro-park proponents are also pro-ineptitude.


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