Measure Z Vote Count Ordeal Is Proof…



After relying on the so-called scientific telephone poll results produced by the Lew Edwards Group, who projected an unrealistic 77% approval of a parcel tax as a means of inducing the Wildomar City Council to contract for an additional $35,500 “education” campaign, the park proponents are now reduced to prayers and supplications to the Creator Of All The Earth to sustain the current miniscule 66.83% “yes” super majority reported by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters.

According to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article written yesterday after the latest update, the current margin  is “slim.”

There are some calculations that as little as a 13 vote swing could change the outcome.

(If you click on the following link, don’t fail to scroll down and read the comments in order to “taste” the angry bile and vitriol of some of the park proponents).

Asking one’s God to somehow prevent the recognition of “no” votes already cast from being counted, is reducing the Almighty to the level of election fraudster and “magician.”

Perhaps, in a modest form of Heavenly retaliation, the prayer mongers are being tormented by the delay in the eventual outcome, whatever is.

When my 90-year-old mother faced surgery last week, she was frightened by the words of her surgeon that she was “high-risk” due to her advanced age. Although I rarely resort to prayer these days, I wrapped my arms round her frail figure and implored God to watch over and preserve my mother through her physical ordeal.

Fortunately, mother survived the surgery and is currently in recovery in a wonderful rehab facility in Long Beach.

I can only imagine what could have happened if God was being pestered and distracted by Facebook requests for His interference in the outcome of the vote tally for Measure Z.

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Can the concept of prayer be made any more trivial?

Can you say theological adolescent!


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