Bridgette And Bob Dodge A….


By the name of Mitch Miller.

Miller, an unknown political neophyte, came within 140 votes (as of 6:00 AM this morning) of ousting incumbent Council member Bob Cashman. In fact, if Miller’s vote tally is combined with that of the other unknown political neophyte, Rich Cary, Miller/Cary surpassed even the vote total of incumbent Councilmember Bridgette Moore.

Unfortunately, Miller was unable to conduct a political campaign and Rich Cary committed a political faux pas by not having a candidate statement. Over the last few days, the statistical page of Wildomar Magazine reflected a significant number of people doing a Google search for Mitch Miller, thereby finding Wildomar Magazine’s endorsement of Miller.

As a result, despite retaining their seats on the council dais, Bridgette and Bob should not consider their re-election as a sweeping endorsement by the overall community of voters in Wildomar.

Rather, they should widen their political horizon’s to be far more responsive to the “other” voices in the community, whose voice’s are normally dismissed with disdain, especially by Bridgette Moore. (Cashman has not been dismissive, but is generally on the short end of a “virtual” 4-1 Council vote when his concerns and comments are rudely truncated by his colleagues).

As to Measure Z, it appears to be on the cusp of passage, with 66.6% “Yes” votes, again as of 6:00 AM. However, with three precincts remaining to be counted, it still requires 66.66% yes votes for approval. While the City Council may have secured a funding mechanism for parks, the “cost” in community divisiveness and vitriol will continue to have a political legacy.

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Wildomar Magazine will continue to be preeminent source of political commentary for the City of Wildomar, in case you were worried that this election might change that. I’ve written more than 800 opinion/satire pieces since Wildomar’s incorporation in 2008 and am approaching 150,000 total views, averaging nearly 200 views per day.


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