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Wildomar Citycouncilmember Bridgette Moore, who is currently running for reelection, is generally considered to be very popular and likable political figure.

However, her inept political exploitation of her signature issue, “parks,” has been and remains a volatile and divisive issue in Wildomar.

Measure D, which failed to win passage on a 56%/44% vote in June 2011, foolishly squandered Wildomar’s first and best opportunity to replace a Riverside County-inspired assessment district (LMD-2006), where a flawed report from the engineering and consulting firm became the basis for the litigation which ultimately resulted in the overturning of the assessment.

Unfortunately, the very same engineering and consulting firm was retained by the Wildomar City Council to provide advice to Bridgette’s cronies on the Blue Ribbon Committee (“BRC”).

Unsurprisingly, the political novices among Bridgette’s cronies on the BRC were easily charmed into recommending a $5.2 million Mello Roos/Community Finance District (“CFD”) to the City Council, who flirted with the recommendation for about one hour into a Special City Council meeting, until wiser heads from the community convinced the Council that such an aggressive tax proposal would be doomed to failure at the polls.

However, because of the delays created by the formation of the BRC and its cloistered deliberations, the City Council was left to promote a hollow CFD in Measure D, which still retained the lethal taint of Mello Roos. At that point in time, if indeed parks were her signature concern, Bridgette Moore should have exerted her influence over the City Council, and pulled back on her minions to re-group and prepare for a better organized, less divisive replacement tax measure.

Instead, Bridgette’s ineptitude only left the park dilemma dormant, save for the handwringing over the lack of success by the hard-working, well intended volunteers who were left to care for Marna O’Brien Park.

In June 2012, Bridgette Moore’s equally inept colleague, Marsha Swanson, initiated a last minute reprise of the defeated Measure D.

In response, City Manager Frank Oviedo re-started the ball rolling by authorizing the expenditure of public funds to the aforementioned engineering and consulting firm, plus bond counsel, to beat the necessary time deadlines to put another Community Facilities District-based tax measure on the November 2012 election.

Once again, wiser heads in the community convinced the City Council, through Public Comment, to take a safer political path; a simple parcel tax measure.

After that, Bridgette Moore’s ineptitude interjected and intervened to once again prevail over common sense.

Rather than believing her own political instincts/beliefs that a super majority of Wildomar citizens were willing to support parks with their taxes, Bridgette and her student council-level colleagues foolishly resorted to an expensive ($23,000) telephone poll to convince themselves of what Bridgette already supposedly believed.

Doubling down on ineptitude, Bridgette and her colleagues agreed to spend an additional $35,500 on a thinly-veiled “educational” promotion of Measure Z.

However, by foolishly spending $58,500, plus the additional cost of the election itself, Bridgette and her council colleagues single-handedly re-energized opposition activists and activities which would have remained dormant until the election took place, thereby permitting Bridgette’s political premise to be tested in the real world of Wildomar’s voters.

And now the divisiveness in the community has been unleashed.

I recently received an e-mail from a candidate running for another office, who was canvassing for votes in Wildomar and ran into a Bridgette Moore supporter. Said supporter launched into an unsolicited tirade about yours truly, believing me to be the physical embodiment of Satan himself…. and a communist. (For the record, I am neither. Just ask my parakeet hatchlings.)

And now there are reports of Internet postings, in reference to opponents of Measure Z, calling them “haters.”

Simple political astuteness and competency would have, should have provided a single successful attempt to replace  a legitimate $28 per year park assessment.

Sadly, political ineptitude and political incompetence continues to be a divisive force in our community

It is time to expunge ineptitude and incompetence from the Wildomar City Council by simply voting for a replacement to Bridgette Moore on November 06, 2012.

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