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The SouthWest Riverside News Network provides the latest election coverage, focusing on the campaign of incumbent city councilmember  Bridgette Moore.

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As you can see, and despite her denial when I challenged her to her face at a City Council meeting, that putting Measure Z on the November 06, 2012 ballot was nothing more than an expensive campaign ploy for her re-election. As you can read, it remains her primary focus.

It’s a part of her “I’m trying” mentality.

Without the robust controversy over Measure Z, Bridgette would have little else to talk about as  justification for her re-election. It obscures the fact that her inept leadership is responsible for the current state of our parks in Wildomar. (i.e; Blue Ribbon Committee, failed Measure D.)

Two “Special Needs” egg hunts over the past four years are charming, but insignificant “accomplishments.”

She did once facilitate the promotion of a barnyard goat as “Mayor of the Day.” Now that’s something to be proud of!

Safe Routes to Schools might be considered a municipal accomplishment but Bridgette had little to do with the process, save for voting “aye” after a staff presentation (I don’t believe she’s ever voted “no” on anything presented by staff; She could have mailed her automatic “aye” to the council meeting).

You and I, dear reader, can also plausibly claim credit for the sidewalk grants simply by being “involved” as citizens of an incorporated city that becomes the default vehicle for receiving government grants.

On the other hand, Bridgette’s stated intention to  “keep fighting” for Vehicle License Fees will continue to cost Wildomar $36,000 per year for a Sacramento-based consultant firm wistfully chasing Sacramento dollars that were re-allocated to sheriff and police departments due to budget constraints on the state level.

Bridgette promises to “work smarter,” if re-elected.

Unfortunately for Wildomar, she has not demonstrated any capability for “working smart” during the last four years.

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It might be okay to admire her; just don’t rehire her.

Elect “Anybody but Bridgette.”


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