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Last weekend  Sheryl and I had the opportunity to meet with Wildomar City Council candidate, Rich Cary, to confirm that he drinks coffee (and thereby confirming his career in the U.S. Navy), and to take the measure of a man who wants to represent the Citizens of Wildomar for the next four years.

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First and foremost, he is an adult, not an adolescent.

Second, and equally compelling, his current employment in a management role on a major United States military base (Camp Pendleton) means that he could bring significant real-life experience to our City Council, if he were elected.

Third, and of a personal interest, is that Rich and I share memories of a tour of duty at the Naval Air Station on a remote island in the Western Aleutians, Adak, Alaska. However, our tours in Adak were separated by a decade.

While on Adak, Cary was the lay minister for the local congregation comprised of servicemen and their families.

Cary states that, in addition to his campaign signs posted around town, he has a network of support in the community for his candidacy and expects to make a good showing on November 06, 2012.

Of particular interest, is his opposition to raising  taxes, which should attract the interest of “anti-tax” voters in Wildomar.

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