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One of the most prominent voices that can be heard about the issue of parks in Wildomar comes from long time Bridgette Moore surrogate, John Lloyd.

However, his pronouncements often take on the character of undeserved finality in the political fluidity of Wildomar politics.

In effect, Lloyd’s “take” on any current situation must be taken with a huge “grain of salt,” knowing that his messages will  likely be re-shuffled at the next fork in the road.

Consider, if you will, his latest “message” on the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, as follows:


In particular, note his statement, “The citizens of Wildomar need to decide if they want parks for the children and community or not.”

However, on June 08, 2011, speaking to the Wildomar City Council following the voters failure to pass Measure D on June 07, 2011, Lloyd’s comments were captured in the City Council minutes, as follows:

“What he feels is sad is that a vast majority of the City didn’t even vote, so you would have to assume that they could care less. He understands that as the City Council deliberates about what to do with the parks now, he understands that the Council should take into consideration that a huge majority of the City apparently does not want parks and we have to abide by that even though it is sad.”

What is sad, in my opinion, is the lack of political sophistication  on the part of Lloyd that conflates the rejection of a MelloRoos-based Park assessment measure with his angry conclusion that the “majority of the city apparently does not want parks.”

Further, as the Chair of the Blue Ribbon Committee (“BRC”), Lloyd’s hands are “unclean,” as he was apparently instrumental in leading the BRC astray with the Committee’s recommendation for a $5.2 million MelloRoos bond issue, from which the City Council eventually backed away from in the face of local citizen opposition.

So now, when Lloyd declares, once again, that the Citizens of Wildomar need to decide if they want parks, he apparently hopes that last year’s message from the Citizens of Wildomar is forgotten.

Apparently John Lloyd has forgotten his own words uttered on June 08, 2011.

Sometimes, reminders are important and useful.

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