“I’m Doing the Best That I Can”…

 WILDOMAR Candidate wants to keep giving back to community


The Californian has provided the final installment on Wildomar’s candidates for City Council, as follows:


After citing a brief litany of her “accomplishments,” Moore appeals for voter approval on the basis of her efforts, rather than her accomplishments.

And for good reason.

Sadly, Councilmember Bridgette Moore’s voting record over the past four years has been detrimental to the interests of the citizens of Wildomar.

For example, her signature issue, “parks,” has been, and is currently, a disaster.

When the Appeals Court, struck down the 2006 park maintenance tax, rather than demonstrating leadership by putting a simple $28 per year replacement tax measure on the ballot, Moore, as usual, turned to “someone else” in the community for assistance.

As a result, the Blue Ribbon Committee (“BRC”), an unsophisticated gaggle of her cronies was created so she could “hear from the community.”

Unfortunately, her gaggle of cronies were led astray by the very consulting firm whose substandard engineering report resulted in the adverse appellate court ruling.

In addition, the BRC foolishly thought that 2011 was a good political and economic climate for a proposal of $5.2 million MelloRoos bond issue, whose very name identification caused Measure D to fail.

Doubling down on failure, and without thoughtful deliberation, Moore’s Committee To Reelect Bridgette Moore (“City Council and City Staff”), at the last possible minute, agreed to put Measure Z on this year’s ballot just so Bridgette could whine that she’s “doing the best she can,” providing her with “cover” for her failed leadership.

Another outstanding example of her failed leadership, is the City of Wildomar’s unfortunate participation in the Soutwest Communities Finance Authority (“JPA”), which oversees the Animal Friends of the Valley’s (“AFV”). It was, after all, Bridgette Moore, along with City Manager Frank Oviedo, who negotiated the participation.

Only later, did we find out that Wildomar ended up subsidizing Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore by agreeing to an unfair and mis-guided allocation of sheltering costs.

Currently, we are paying 2 1/2 times more than we should for the gaudy $15 million mamallian Taj Mahal on Mission Trail.

Since it is abundantly clear, by her own admission, that her voting record is her very best, rather then seeking to ratify her “choices,” by her reelection, it would be appropriate to consider someone else.

Actually, anyone else.

It would be far better for Citizens of Wildomar, knowing the  limitations of Bridgette’s “leadership,” to seriously consider the candidacy of Mitch Miller, or even Richard Cary, as a reasonable alternative to Bridgette Moore’s abject failure.

For that matter, it would be far preferable to withhold one of your two votes for Wildomar City Council, rather than to vote for Bridgette Moore for reelection.

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What is the point of a “history of experience,” if the experience is known to be substandard?


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