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There appears to be no  limit to the political depravity that would motivate a supporter of Measure Z  to “channel” the political “opinion” of the late Marna O’Brien in support of the parcel tax measure on the November 06, 2012 ballot.

In a Letter to the Editor of the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, the following:

However, after a brief amount of fact-checking, Wildomar Magazine has confirmed that Marna O’Brien died in 1989 (at the age of 53), while the author of the Letter to the Editor appears to have first purchased property in Wildomar in December 1992, thereby rendering any sense of how Marna O’Brien would vote on Measure Z, moot, if not bizarre.

According to my sources, O’Brien was a community activist who resorted to successful litigation against the County of Riverside, in order to stop the annexation of her property into the Bear Creek community.

Her name is attached to a park in Wildomar in honor of her political activism on behalf of her community.

For anyone to invoke her name and “opinion” in support of a parcel tax measure demeans and dishonors that memory and may, in fact, misrepresent the spirit of her activism

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If the Lew Edwards Group telephone survey is to be relied upon, resorting to this level of political desperation would be unnecessary.


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