Wildomar’s “Odd” Uncle….



Every extended family seems to have one so why should the Wildomar family be any different?

A recent Californian article provides some contextual details, as follows:


Wildomar City councilmember Bob Cashman is seeking a second four-year term to represent the citizens of Wildomar. Cashman received the highest number of votes four years ago when the city incorporated. In my opinion,  Councilmember Cashman should be returned to the City Council for four more years.

Cashman is an educated and thoughtful man, with the distinction of being the preeminent “historian” of Wildomar. In fact, Cashman has authored a history of Wildomar that goes along with his past presidency of the Wildomar Historical Society. His continued presence on the City Council would help preserve Wildomar’s historical past.

Unfortunately, to be frank and honest, Cashman’s voting record is not that different from the voting record of fellow incumbent, Councilmember Bridgette Moore.

However, Cashman is the only consistent voice of opposition to the adolescent majority on the current City Council.

However, rather than being on the losing end of a 4-1 vote on most important issues, Cashman makes his point but then timidly surrenders to the verbal intimidation of the abrasive majority (primarily by Mayor pro tem Tim “Mad Dog” Walker).

Hopefully, this election will introduce at least one true fiscal “conservative” to the City Council (challengers Mitch Miller and Richard Cary appear to oppose Measure Z as a means of financing Wildomar’s parks, which reflects at least some measure of thoughtfulness), which should provide future opportunities for Councilmember Cashman to add a little “spine” to his voice of opposition.

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My late father’s brother, Uncle Irrin (whose personal gear went down with the USS Yorktown at the Battle of Midway), would have liked Bob.


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