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Since no one can foretell the future with absolute certainty, the polling of a small but supposedly representative “sample” of interested persons is an often used tool of measurement. The importance of the current presidential campaign has brought about multiple political polls. However, the results often disagree giving rise to the accusation that certain polls are “skewed” for a particular candidate’s advantage.

We turn now to Wildomar’s recent telephone survey upon which the City’s forefathers and foremothers have relied, to the extent that they have put our money where their mouth is, to the tune of $58,500 for the survey itself and a thinly-veiled “educational” brochure that you will receive three times between now and the election.

On the night the City Council decided to go forward with the ballot measure, their handsomely paid consultant made a PowerPoint presentation, which is now available for general review, as follows:

After you’ve had a chance to review the survey, scroll down to pages 12-13 and focus on the section titled “Importance of Park Measure Provisions and Funding Priorities.”

There are total of 14 categories, most of which are non-park specific political issues, but which generally triggered the highest responses from the 300 persons surveyed.

Notice, if you will, that the last four categories, and which are more specific to the issue at hand for Wildomar, each received the lowest cumulative number of support, as follows:

1) Maintaining sports fields. (67%)
2) Maintaining youth preparation programs. (65%)
3) Preventing closure of Marna O’Brien Park. (65%)
4) Reopening closed community parks. (63%)

Given that Measure Z will require a 66 2/3% “Yes” vote on November 06, 2012, the fact that only one issue, “maintaining sports fields,” received a poll response barely in excess of that number (perhaps the pollsters “rounded up” from 66 1/2%?), while the rest fell short of the threshold, we may all wake up on November 07, 2012 to read that our City Council members were led astray, by a colorful PowerPoint presentation, like the simple country rubes they appear to be.

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