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According to today’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article, absentee ballots will soon be mailed (and utilized by approximately 43% of the registered voters in Wildomar).

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Therefore, it will be time to start monitoring my mailbox for the first of three “educational” brochures  which are supposed to emanate from the City of Wildomar’s hired gunslinger for the Measure Z parcel tax measure, the Oakland-based Lew Edwards Group.

Since city officials are not permitted by law to openly advocate for or against any measure that they put on the ballot for consideration by voters, the proximity of their brochure campaign to the mailing of absentee ballots may constitute a forbidden political practice; “Express Advocacy.”

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Please note that within Section (B), you will find the following example of express advocacy:

 “Proposition 123. Your last chance to save California.”

Depending on the wording of the printed brochure, it is possible, that a formal complaint will be filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) in order to ensure that the elected officials and City Staff of the City of Wildomar did not use our tax dollars to promote a political issue which they support.

Such a complaint, if filed, will have no impact on the outcome of the election in November 2012.

However, if a complaint is filed, and upheld, by the FPPC, it would serve to uphold the principle of the “rule of law” upon which our representative form of government relies.

It could be a “learning moment.”

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According to my political sources, in order to avoid the appearance of express advocacy, the initial mailing of the first “educational” brochure should have occurred weeks ago.


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