West Wildomar??




One of the more amusing elements of last Saturday’s “Old Town” Visioning Session, was the proposed location of a potential town center, with the preliminary name of “West Wildomar.”

That location, according to the session facilitators, RBF Associates, was the general intersection of Mission Trail and Bundy Canyon Road, which is in the northern portion of Wildomar.

For those of you who missed the recent past history of Wildomar, pre-incorporation, there has been an ongoing effort to distance Wildomar from its shabby neighbor to the north, Lake Elsinore.

This included a successful effort by Harv Dykstra, and others, to convince the U.S. Postal Service that Wildomar deserved its own zip code, 92595, rather than sharing one with the Lake Elsinore, 92530.

In addition, councilmember Bob Cashman, during his first election campaign four years ago, took the position that Elsinore High School should be renamed Wildomar High School, based on its location.

RBF Associates, after declaring that they had “studied” the history of Wildomar, foolishly proposed, as a viable option, locating our “town center” immediately adjacent to Lake Elsinore.

Not only is that idea a “non-starter,” their proposed location would be better identified as “North Wildomar,” or even “South Elsinore.” Perhaps we could change our name to Sedco (“South Elsinore Development Company”).

Needless to say, the rollout of this “Old Town” Visioning Session was poorly promoted, poorly attended and is now, badly tainted by the lameness of its presentation.

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Hardly worth $125,000, or the effort to attend!


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