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“Visioning” is a community-centric process, where the citizens of the community, such as Wildomar, are usually given the opportunity to freely participate in the process and to express their ideas on the community they live in.

Such was the case in 2008 when the citizens of the newly incorporated City of Wildomar gathered together in order to create a Strategic Vision for their new city. It was a well attended, positive experience for most who attended.

The meeting was facilitated by Interim City Manager, John Danielson, who wisely relegated the new City Council members to”observer” status, with no verbal participation or input from the Council members. This protocol was instituted by Danielson in order to encourage, rather than to inhibit, community participation.

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, the citizens of Wildomar are invited to participate in another “Visioning Session,” which is being funded by a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”) under their Compass Blueprint program in order to ascertain and identify the community’s thoughts on the creation of a “City Center” somewhere near the section of Central and Palomar Road.

Unfortunately for Wildomar, the “control freaks” at City Hall have turned this event into a City Council meeting, putting the City Council into the direct control of the process.

Click on the following link to the city’s website, for confirmation:

Under normal circumstances, the consultants retained by SCAG would collect all of the community input and organize it for inclusion in a report presented to the City Council at a later date. Such a customary protocol would serve to protect the interests and ideas of the community, while preserving the ultimate decision-making authority of our elected officials.

However, in this case, by invoking the authority of the City Council at this point in the process, any potentially unwanted thoughts and ideas can be subverted, if not eliminated entirely.

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It’s all about “controlling” the process.

According to my sources, City Councilmember Bob Cashman does not support this unfortunate turn of events and has expressed his objections to the City Manager.

Thanks Bob, for sticking up for the Citizens of Wildomar.


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