Despite the Pollyanna-ish wishes and prayers of local Wildomar city officials, and the expenditure of $3000 per month since July 2011 (totaling nearly $40,000) for a  Sacramento-based lobbying firm, Gov. Brown has vetoed SB 1098, which would have restored $1.7 million to Wildomar’s budget.

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Fortunately for Wildomar, little will change in our daily lives.

Had the $1.7 million been returned to Wildomar, Mayor Ben Benoit and City Manager Frank Oviedo are already on record as stating that the bulk of the money would be returned to the Wildomar Police Department, thus eliminating any meaningful consideration or deliberation for its utilization in any other area of our civic life, such as repayment of Wildomar’s outstanding debt obligation to the County of Riverside.

As the economic reality filters its way through the common brain of the City Council, the Editorial staff of Wildomar Magazine will continue to encourage Wildomar’s forefathers and foremothers to began to consider reasonable fiscal alternatives for Wildomar, such as moving City Hall to Marna O’Brien Park, establishing our own local municipal animal control operation, and reducing our executive staff to a single executive (thus saving approximately $500,000 per year, if all three alternatives were implemented).

However, I already know how the common brain works;  All of their adolescent hopes and aspirations will now be focused on the passage of parcel tax Measure Z, another questionable tax initiative rerun from 2011, propped up by yet another Sacramento-based consulting firm (at a cost of $58,500).

When will Wildomar learn that anything that comes out of Sacramento, including consulting firms and supervisorial candidates, are tainted by that dysfunctional legislative association.

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