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Supervisorial candidate Kevin Jeffries is making unsubstantiated allegations against Supervisorial candidate Bob Buster, claiming that Buster’s supporters are responsible for removing a number of his ubiquitous campaign signs. Despite the allegations, Jeffries’ signs remain in place along Palomar and Baxter Roads in central Wildomar.

Yesterday afternoon, I received two repetitive telephone calls from one of Jeffries’ ardent supporters from Lake Elsinore. Rather than listen to a voicemail message, I returned the multiple phone calls at my first opportunity. Shockingly, I was accused of being personally responsible for the removal of Jeffries’ campaign signs in Wildomar as well as Lake Elsinore.

Yesterday’s Press Enterprise has more of the specific details, providing evidence of Kevin’s childishness, as follows:

To quote Shakespeare, “Methinks he doth protest too much.” It is not beyond the pale of possibility that Jeffries’ own campaign staff has created this incident for the free publicity.

Infantile allegations of this type, while historically typical for elections in Lake Elsinore, are beneath the presumed dignity of a candidate for the office of Riverside County Supervisor, or should be.

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Kevin’s signs in Wildomar have been up so long (since the June primary) that I barely notice them as I pass by in my car. My guess is that most local residents feel the same impact.

For the record, I have been and will continue to be a supporter of Supervisor Buster’s reelection, who has been a good friend to Wildomar.

That being said, I have never written anything negative about Kevin Jeffries on the pages of Wildomar Magazine. However, the unfortunate  phone call from one of his supporters accusing me of taking his signs could change that position.


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