Bridgette Moore’s Re-Election Melodrama….



One of the problems with trying to exploit local non-political happenstance as campaign fodder by turning it into a re-election campaign opportunity, is that the exploitation can get out of control and turn around to bite the overly-desperate and needy politician on the *ss.

Bridgette Moore, by attempting to exploit the long-standing drinking water problem in Cottonwood Canyon and using an un-warranted city staff intervention of an issue that is outside of the City of Wildomar’s jurisdiction, now finds herself responsible for the threatened “eviction” of a Wildomar resident, probably losing those votes, as well of votes of nearby, sympathetic neighbors.

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Even if the resident were disconnected from water service by the privately-owned County Water Company, how would the Director of Community Services have access to that information?

I doubt that County Water would provide that information.

Certainly, the resident would not want to provide information and thereby trigger an eviction protocol from the City of Wildomar.

In fact, it seems to me that such a serious issue, even if it were within the jurisdiction of the City of Wildomar, belongs in the scope of work of the Code Enforcement Officer, or the Public Works Director, rather than the person who provides bottled water for the City Council, and arranges sewing classes and dance lessons for the city.

In any event, City Manager Frank Oviedo was forced to weigh in on the issue and “backtrack” on the idle and empty threat of eviction of a Wildomar resident by his city staffer.

Needless to say, the “Committee To Re-elect Bridgette Moore continues to provide exquisite opportunities for political mockery and amusement for the editorial staff of Wildomar Magazine.

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