Wildomar’s Mis-Guided Melodrama….


Pause with Wildomar Magazine for a brief moment to recall the melodramatic intervention by Wildomar’s officials, elected and staff alike, into the turbulent “water war” occurring on the northeastern boundary of the city, and which may have even spilled over into the City of Menifee.

However, today’s Press Enterprise article on the issue appears to restore some of the jurisdictional serenity to this water-challenged area, informally known as “Cottonwood Canyon.”

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As you read the article, you may also come to the conclusion that the only nexus between Wildomar and less than 108 households is a boundary line drawn on a map and the political opportunity to be exploited on behalf of Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore, by her ” in-house” Committee to reelect Bridgette Moore (“Committee”).

Now that the jurisdictional issues appear to have been sorted out, the Committee can return its focus to the passage of Measure Z, the parcel tax measure which is the actual, albeit more expensive, “cover” political strategem for Bridgette Moore’s re-election campaign.

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If you question my conclusion, notice how the reporters from the Press Enterprise  no longer seek, or publish, quotes on the issue from any officials from the City of Wildomar.


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