Cashman’s Political Operative….


Wildomar City Council incumbent Bob Cashman, who is running for reelection on November 06, 2012, has tepidly tiptoed into the sometimes turbulent world of the social media.

Unfortunately for Cashman, his first effort has turned out badly.

Apparently relying on the questionable webmaster skills of a local volunteer, whose website creations litter the political world of Wildomar’s defunct Political Action Committees/Wannabe Non-Profit Organizations (such as the Friends For Wildomar’s Parks volunteer organization, whose 501(c) 3 status remains in question), Cashman has rented a room at the Elks club for his campaign “meet & greet” on September 15, 2012.

In responding to the Facebook invitation, former Wildomar city councilmember Sheryl Ade asked a pertinent question as to the advisability of utilizing the supposedly non-political facilities  for a purely political event. However, rather than getting a relevant response from Cashman’s political gatekeeper, her question was deleted from the Facebook page and a message was sent to Sheryl advising her that her comment has been deleted.

From its inception, Wildomar has been plagued by its political failures to keep its political life separate and apart from supposedly non-political entities.

Four years ago, Cornerstone Community Church was attempting to have private luncheons with the newly-elected City Council members, hoping to increase its political leverage over the new city. Public disclosure of the various e-mails on the pages of the newly-launched Wildomar Magazine ended the luncheons, at least the Brown Act-shattering group luncheon.

In this instance, Cashman appears to be trying to wrap himself in the trappings of a popular service organization, whose very bylaws preclude political activity.

Far more disconcerting, is the attempt to stifle any questions of propriety, especially in a city where impropriety is the least concern of our elected officials.

Unfortunately for Cashman, Wildomar Magazine remains a vibrant and vocal outlet for questions of propriety.

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Use of the term “meet & greet,” while it is an appropriate moniker for the function, its utilization as a public invitation, especially in writing, is the epitome, if not the definition of, the title of “amateur.”


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