Angry E-Mail From “Outside” the Bridgetteville….


If you weren’t aware, the City of Wildomar (“Bridgeteville”) is dominated by a small and insular “bubble,” which is centered primarily on the compulsive and obsessive public life of Bridgette Moore.

Command and Control of the bubble is facilitated through the pages of Facebook.

For example, the intra-bubble communication of the upcoming Community Visioning Session was first announced on various Facebook pages, including the city’s own Facebook page but not on the city’s official website, ensuring that the “inner circle” of Bridgette’s friends and supporters got the word before anyone else.

Nevertheless, despite their best efforts to restrain dissident commentary, occasionally messages from beyond the bubble are able to penetrate Wildomar’s civic consciousness.

Yesterday morning, in response to the Baxter Road overpass traffic nightmare, the following, unsolicited e-mail was received at the editorial offices of Wildomar Magazine:

Subject: The stop sign on Baxter
Date:  08/27/12 09:38 AM

“What a joke. The city of Wildomar really didn’t think this through.They took a smooth flowing traffic area and made it a disaster.  There has never been a line of more than 2 cars waiting to exit the SB freeway onto Baxter Road. All the sign did was back up East bound traffic on Baxter. It was ridiculous this morning at around 8:40am. I drove up to be the 20th car in line for the stop sign, and with no other cross traffic, it made no sense.

Now I am reading another stop sign will be put in on the NB exit. This has got to be some kind of joke. Either the City of Wildomar needs to do better research or they need to fire the ones who implemented such a bad idea. Apparently, they aren’t taking their job seriously anyway.”

If there is anyway a meeting will be held to oppose this ridiculous change. COUNT ME IN!!!!

The photograph at the top of this article was provided by the author of this e-mail.

“Nuff said.

Comments can be made to

Obviously, not everyone is happy in Bridgetteville.

 NOTICE: The next ad hoc “traffic meeting” can be held during PUBLIC COMMENTS at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting in September.


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