Ambush On The Bridgitteville Overpass…



Since I was curious about the enhanced liability to the City of Wildomar as result of their failure to provide adequate warnings of the newly installed stop signs on the western end of the Baxter Road overpass, I personally monitored the bridge intersection for 30 minutes this morning, from 6:30 AM to 7 AM.

During that 30 minute period, I observe 13 unmitigated “blow-throughs,” where the drivers weren’t scofflaws, but they were entirely clueless as to the presence of a stop sign.

It is likely that most of these folks have driven this particular pathway for several hundred times in their morning commutes and obviously had no idea that a stop sign and a painted line on the roadway had been surreptitiously added to their commute. Some of the drivers were “soccer moms,” driving their children to school. In one instance, a large 5 ton bobtail delivery truck failed to stop. 

Had that heavy, commercial vehicle struck a passenger vehicle, it is likely that there would have been a fatal injuries in the passenger car.

These were not drivers who suddenly realized the error of their way and who attempted to stop in the middle of the intersection. These folks did not appear to lift their foot from the accelerator pedal to the slightest extent.

Why is it the “Bridgetteville Overpass?”

Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore seemed to “squeal” the loudest when the representative from Riverside County announced the installation of stop signs on the overpass. Since “basking in reflected glory” appears to be a major personality component for Bridgette, and since she is a senior member of the Wildomar City Council, it is only fair and appropriate to attribute the bureaucratic dysfunction of city staff to her for her lack of adult leadership.

Since she has recently updated her re-election webpage to include her acceptance into yet another civic organization, we would encourage her to participate in that one particular civic organization to which she was elected, the Wildomar City Council, and actually provide some healthy leadership, where it matters most.

Bridgette Moore should be on the phone this morning to the city staff, compelling them to erect some warning signs on the Baxter Road overpass in order to prevent a looming tragedy.

Failure to do so, if an accident occurs, would reflect an absence of political morality.

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