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When the Riverside County representative notified the Wildomar City Council that Caltrans would be installing stop signs on the Baxter Road. overpass, the adolescents that comprise our City Council squeaked and squealed with delight, never once questioning the Riverside County representative as to how Caltrans would “roll out” the installation of the signage and how they would manage it to preserve the health and safety of local drivers.

As of this morning, the western half of the overpass now sports a stop sign and a little paint on the road. What is glaringly absent is any flashing lights and signage warning of the new traffic controls. As a result, there is already evidence of drivers failing to stop for the stop sign that they didn’t expect.

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In fact, this evening, at approximately 8:30 PM, I went over to the location to monitor traffic. In the span of 10 minutes, I observed at least six vehicles heading east/west, who failed to stop for the stop sign.

Apparently, stop signs are planned for the eastern half of the overpass. How poorly planned, can the bungling bureaucrats of Caltrans, Riverside County Transportation Department, and the City of Wildomar (hereinafter “Bridgetteville”) be, such that they would send out a crew with the necessary equipment to bore two holes in the Wildomar hardpan, not to mention the painting equipment required to paint the stop limit line on the asphalt, rather than to install all stop signs at the same time, with the requisite flashing signage to notify all drivers of the new signs? (Must have something to do with public employee union work rules.)

Four-way stop signs on the Baxter Road overpass, will be child’s play compared to the installation of a four-way stop sign at Sellers Road on Bundy Canyon Road as the work progresses on the Canyon Plaza gas station.

I can’t wait until the first Sunday morning after the installation of the Eastside stop signs, to monitor the traffic trying to  exit from Cornerstone Community Church. My guess is that Bridgette Moore will be getting an earful from her fellow congregants when that happens.

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Perhaps Bridgette Moore should slow down as she flits from flower to flower, like a narcissistic butterfly, and attempt to govern on behalf of her constituents by contemplating the adverse potential ill-conceived stop sign installations.

As a longtime claims investigator, in my opinion, the City of Wildomar has a significant liability exposure for the Baxter Road overpass.

In the meantime, morally speaking, the first T-bone accident at that location, will be on the Wildomar city Council and staff.


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