Wildomar Magazine Ranked 13,342,852nd…


While a bit bored this morning, and browsing through the Internet in search of Martha Bridges’ new “Wildomar Watcher” blog site, I happened upon this Internet rating website:


Although the current value of Wildomar Magazine is estimated to be $1,180 USD, it’s value to me for having an average of 176 people per day reading my opinions and satirical commentary on Wildomar Magazine, with a total readership, since inception, of 136,033 readers, is priceless.

In addition, notice if you will, that the “Google safe browsing” and “average antivirus” is considered “safe” and that my “child safety rating” is “excellent.”

Depending on the success of their promotional efforts for the upcoming $28 per year parcel tax measure (Measure Z), I am contemplating retaining the services of a public relations consulting firm, such as the Lew Edwards Group, so that I can become the 13,342,850th-ranked domain, worldwide.  (Not a task  for the fainthearted).

Unfortunately, I would have to be willing to spend my last dime in order to do so.

Just like the Wildomar City Council was/is.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

 When I find Martha’s blog site, I will post a link to it.


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