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According to Thomas Jefferson, “A democracy requires an informed electorate to survive.”

Therefore, based on the above, incumbent Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, developed her own re-election website to inform the voting citizens of Wildomar as to the various reasons she thinks she should be re-elected on November 06, 2012.

Please click on the following link to her website, as follows:

Fortunately for the electorate, this also provides an opportunity for others, such as myself, to review and comment on her arguments for reelection.

We will discuss, in the next few moments, those issues of leadership which Bridgette claims as a basis for reelection. In addition, we will discuss important “omissions” to her political “resume,” which also reflect on her quest for reelection.

1) “The City of Wildomar needs experienced councilmembers to lead us through this time.”

Experience will generally give us insight into the future deliberations and voting patterns of politicians, at all levels. That insight can cut both ways, both positive and negative. As we continue our review of Bridgette’s arguments in favor of her reelection, we have the benefit of her public experience to assist us in our consideration and contemplations.

2) “Wildomar continues to build a strong financial foundation by living within our means and fighting to ensure your tax dollars stay local.”

Wildomar has anything but a strong financial foundation and appears to be operating on a shoestring. The primary reason for this economic condition is the nationwide economic recession that is affecting every element of our fiscal lives, both private and public. Bridgette Moore and her colleagues on the City Council have little or no impact on the revenues necessary to govern.

However, she does have impact on how we spend our money.

“Living within our means” has little credibility when Bridgette Moore and City Manager Frank Oviedo, on behalf of the city of Wildomar, foolishly led Wildomar into participation with the Animal Friends of the Valley/Southwest Communities Finance Authority (AFV/JPA), which is currently costing Wildomar more than $425,000 per year, while continuing to ignore (City Council or staff should at least explore its feasibility) a reasonable proposal for the establishment of Wildomar’s own municipal animal control service, which could be accomplished for approximately $175,000 per year.

3) “Fighting to ensure your tax dollars stay local.”

Obviously Bridgette has “locked on” to this consultant-created phrase, which was employed by the Lew Edwards Group (“Edwards”) to produce a questionable 77% “support” for the proposed $28 per year parcel tax measure (“Measure Z”) which will be on the November 2012 ballot.

Bridgette would like you to ignore the $58,000 which is currently being paid to Edwards, an Oakland-based consultant group to facilitate passage of Measure Z. So much for keeping taxes local. (Does it matter to you whether or not Bridgette sends  our money to Oakland or Sacramento?).

In addition, despite their initial failure in the Sacramento Legislature, Bridgette continues to support sending $3000 per month ($36,000 annually) to Gonsalves & Associates, a Sacramento-based lobbyist firm.

Given that the state’s finances appear to be even more desperate than when the lobbyist was first retained, the continued expenditure of $3000 per month chasing Vehicle License Fees (“VLF”) which are likely to never be returned to Wildomar, hardly qualifies as “fighting to ensure your tax dollars stay local.”

3) Omissions.

Despite the fact that “parks” has probably been Bridgette’s signature issue, she only lists her participation in the Wildomar Parks Formation Committee in the second paragraph of her candidate statement.

Perhaps my public accusation at the last city Council meeting, that the this year’s push for a new park tax measure, barely a year after the last one failed, is a thinly-veiled campaign ploy to re-elect Bridgette, has made her wary of claiming a leadership role (“I’m trying”) in this latest endeavor. (The omission suggests that my accusation has some traction).

Whatever the outcome for Measure Z, Bridgette and her colleagues on the City Council squandered $100,000 plus on last year’s badly-bungled Mello Roos/CFD measure, not to mention diminishing the potential for passage of measure Z, by squandering the city’s first/best opportunity to gain a replacement tax.

I can’t say that I blame her for wanting to stay as far way from parks issues as she possibly can.

To be fair, Bridgette Moore is a popular local politician. The list of civic organizations she participates in is ample evidence that she is not lazy or uninvolved in local events.

However, as a City councilmember, she is making decisions on our behalf that have had negative economic implications for the City of Wildomar, which  implications should be included in your personal and private deliberations as to whom you are voting for on November 06, 2012.

It’s “okay” to admire her, just don’t “rehire” her.

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