Wildomar Incumbent’s Worst….



Since deciding not to make the attempt to win a seat on the Wildomar City Council dais, I have been enjoying the quasi-euphoric and blissful state of  “I feel much better now that I have given up hope” for Wildomar’s future.

Nevertheless, the ineptitude of City Councilmember Bridgette Moore and the overly tepid, mild-mannered demeanor of fellow councilmember Bob Cashman would continue to be the hapless destiny of the City of Wildomar, unless Fate somehow intervened on Wildomar’s behalf.

Last evening, following the city-sponsored Candidate Orientation, I met privately with one of the new candidates for the office of City Council, Mitch Miller.

As result, my euphoric state is now based on a “Return To Hope.”

Mitch Miller appears to be a bright and energetic young man, whose political bent and professional life-experiences will make him a formidable candidate to replace either Moore or Cashman.

If you want a peek at him, out of curiosity, and want a preliminary taste of his natural fiscally-conservative proclivities, please click on the following link to his Facebook page:


As you can see, Miller, who has already taken a public position in opposition to any new taxes, including the parks parcel tax, as proposed by the Committee to Re-elect Bridgette Moore (also known as the “Wildomar City Council and Staff”), is open to the alternative of moving City Hall to Marna O’Brien Park, thereby saving the park for the community without the imposition of any new taxes.

As the campaign unfolds, Wildomar Magazine will continue to illuminate its readers by providing information on Miller’s candidacy as it develops.

Needless to say, it appears that Bridgette and Bob will still have to try to find a way to defend, or deflect from, their indefensible voting records and the adverse economic consequences of their votes for our community.

That will be a political “nightmare” of monumental proportions for them.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Miller is young and energetic, two attributes I no longer possess.

Thank you, Fate.


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