Sweatin’ To The…


Lake Elsinore city councilmember Daryl Hickman, always believed, and labeled, by Zak Turango to be the “dumbest politician I’ve ever known,” admits to having his political life discomfited by the 83-year-old activist, Chris Hyland, while breathing a “conditional” sign of relief over her announcement that she was terminating her recall effort last Tuesday evening.

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Once again, demonstrating his political ineptitude, Hickman apparently still fears that Hyland will change her mind and resume her signature gathering, despite the momentum-killing announcement several nights ago.

I presume that Hickman will be able to return to sleeping in his “tighty-whities,” eliminating the need for his “Depends” sleeping attire, after the close of business on August 23, 2012.

It is doubtful that Daryl will ever be able to regain his self-respect in the two years that remain on his Council term, fulfilling Ms. Hyland’s closing sentiment, to whit;

“At the end of the day, it appears that the citizens of Lake Elsinore will keep the government they deserve, rather than the government they need,” she said.”

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