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Despite Councilmember Marsha Swanson’s opinion that the concept of moving City Hall to pre-fabricated buildings at Marna O’Brien Park is “stupid,” it is a plausible and reasonable alternative to the $28 per year parcel tax, should it fail once again in November 2012.

For that matter, even if the parcel tax succeeds, it is still a good idea to move City Hall to Marna O’Brien Park, freeing up additional resources for the benefit of the community.

Thoughtful citizen, Gary Andre, the Trails Commissioner for the City of Wildomar, has once again volunteered his creative talents by putting together the above conceptual rendering of the “footprint” of a 5000  square foot City Hall facility, just to demonstrate that the idea is not “stupid.”

There are numerous  benefits in moving City Hall to Marna O’Brien Park, as follows:

1) The savings of a significant portion of the current $120,000 per year lease payments.
2) The re-allocation of those savings into the care and maintenance of Marna O’Brien Park, and other parks, such as Windsong Park.
3) The frequent presence at the park of Wildomar Police officers, and their vehicles, who currently utilize city offices for the preparation of their reports, which would be  an obvious deterrent to graffiti/vandalism at the park.
4) Marna O’Brien Park is the historical and cultural center of Wildomar. (Before Wildomar was a city, the community met in a triple-wide trailer to conduct Ortega Trails business at this very location).
5) Locating City Hall at Marna O’Brien Park would make city government more accessible to it’s citizens.
6) Eventually, it could be converted to a Community Center if and when City Hall is able to afford being moved to a permanent location.

The only attitude preventing this reasonable re-allocation of resources is some “snooty” and “elitist” adolescent desire among certain City Council members to “keep up” with the cities of Murrieta and Temecula.

The hard-working volunteers of the Friends of Wildomar Parks, could continue to function and fund raise for their non-profit, by facilitating the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Movies in the Park, etc., further relieving the city of the questionable “need” to do so.

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The city’s lease expires in December 2013, so now would be the time for “adults” to start making plans.


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