Committee To Re-Elect Bridgette Moore Now Fully Funded…



The Committee to Re-Elect Bridgette Moore (formerly known as  the “Wildomar City Council”) has agreed to provide $35,500 from the City of Wildomar’s General Fund in order to ensure the re-election of Moore for another four-year term on November 06, 2012, deceptively disguised as an information and communication campaign to “educate” the purportedly missing “yes” voters who failed to show up for last year’s failed Measure D park measure. (These political adolescents can’t imagine that the people who voted against Measure D last year, did so thoughtfully and without malice).

One of the hoped-for “side benefits” of this vigorous campaign strategy would be the passage of a $28 per year parcel tax for the ongoing maintenance of Wildomar’s parks.

Moore’s re-election is a foregone conclusion; Passage of the parcel tax, despite the rosy picture provided by her ad hoc campaign operatives, is not.

According to this morning’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch headline, ” This is it, said Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, YOUWe have to give it our all. IWe have to win.”

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For the record, as I spoke last evening, I looked directly at Bridgette and publicly stated that I thought this entire effort to put a park tax measure on the ballot in November to support her reelection.

Again for the record, Moore later responded with a weak denial by pointing to the supposed fact that it was City Councilmember Marsha Swanson who brought possibility of the parcel tax measure to the City Council.

Unfortunately for Moore and Swanson, who share the same diminutive civic brain,  Bridgette’s disastrous record of ineptitude needed the “cover” of this pro-park tax measure to ensure her re-election.

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Despite my previous and plausible recommendation to move City Hall from its plush offices over to Marna O’Brien Park, where the savings of up to $10,000 per month in lease payments could then be re-allocated to the care and maintenance of Marna O’Brien Park,  Bridgette Moore can only envision one outcome; her re-election and the passage of this park tax measure.

She may find herself re-elected, only to be a two-time loser, when it comes to park tax proposals.

November 2012 will be a serious anti-tax political environment.


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