When I Want Your Opinion…



Apparently Maria Walker (“Mad Maria”), the angry spouse of Wildomar’s angry Mayor Pro Tem, Tim “Mad Dog” Walker, (if you haven’t noticed, they are always upset about “and tired of”  something) has a problem with the exercise of the First Amendment.

At this evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting, after former City Council member Sheryl Ade and I spoke publicly and critically in opposition to the proposed expenditure of an additional $35,500 of limited taxpayer funds for a proposed propaganda frenzy by the City Council’s new BFF and public relations consultant, Lew Edwards Group, Mad Maria immediately took her place at the public podium to decry any proffered opinions by we “naysayers” and suggested to the City Council that, in the future, they ignore any further input from negative people like us.

Such a comment by any other citizen would normally be worthy of complete and disdainful disregard.

But this is the outspoken spouse of the City Council member who will be our next Mayor come December. For his part, Mad Dog Walker continued to lean casually back in his chair, his silence indicative of his tacit approval of her comments.

Following on the heels of Mad Maria, Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy mounted the public podium and made the same basic argument for suppression of any dissenting opinions.

Unfortunately for these rubes and rubettes,  they will find that free speech in Wildomar will continue to be robust and vital.

On the other hand, in direct retaliation for her conduct, I am hereby ordering Mad Maria to discontinue her daily reading of Wildomar magazine. If I determine that she continues to be a reader of WM, despite my instructions to the contrary, I will have to revoke her subscription and return any unused subscription fees to her.

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