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After meeting with the Wildomar City Clerk, on the first morning that nomination papers were available, and becoming aware of the minutia involved in making myself qualified for election on November 06, 2012, I had my first moment of clarity in which I realized that I was not prepared to commit myself to the electoral process, not to mention a full four year commitment to the citizens of Wildomar, were I successful in my quest for a seat on the city council dais.

Therefore, I have determined that I will not become an official candidate for the office of City Council of Wildomar.

As a result of my clarified thinking, I have chosen rather to attempt to return to a full-time status with my former employer, once again fully functioning in the litigation management area of expertise of the insurance defense-oriented arena of construction defect litigation. I am currently pursuing such a position, as we speak.

At the end of the day, it became an economic issue as I wish to return to my previous level of compensation before I “surrender” to a life of modest retirement. I always intended to work to at least the age of 70 years and, my stroke in May 2009 notwithstanding, I prefer to exert my personal efforts in that direction, rather than as a public servant.

In a further moment of clarity, despite my initial instinct for a dramatic moment by withholding disclosure of my decision to the last possible moment, it occurred to me that there may be a qualified citizen in Wildomar who has considered running for office and has deferred making a decision, believing that his or her campaign to unseat the inept incumbents would be diminished by a large number of candidates.

Therefore, in light of my announcement today, I would hope that that unknown person would reconsider, while there is yet time to do so.

Needless to say, Wildomar Magazine will continue to weigh in on issues and candidates, throughout the election process.

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