Waiting And Watching The Math…



Hopefully, this Northern California-based (where they love their taxes) polling firm, will retain their professional integrity throughout their part of the process.

If there is a significant variance from the historic, well-established 56% “yes” ceiling, they will have some “splaining to do, Lucy.” (To quote the late Desi Arnaz).

In response to the Lake Elsinore-Wildomar Patch’s article on the subject, I have some thoughts on the process being implemented by the City of Wildomar.

But then, when don’t I?

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1) Since the pollsters are only seeking 300 opinions, the likelihood of your receiving a personal opportunity to weigh in on the issue is very remote. (.009375%, to be exact, so don’t be holding your breath).

2) Despite the City Staff’s inaccurate pronouncement that a minimalist 300 person opinion poll has a plus or minus 5% error factor, the actual error factor is +/ -6% percent.

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Whether or not the error factor is 5% or 6%, the decision to go forward with the parcel tax in November 2012 is based primarily on the need of incumbent city councilmember Bridgette Moore to be able to campaign on the “I’m trying” slate, which is only an attempt to deflect attention away from her ineptitude on your behalf.

Mayor Benoit said it best when he recently reminded his council colleagues that the last two park votes received the same 56% approval from the voters.

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