If Wildomar Must Have A Park Measure On The November Ballot….



… by using the simplest, least objectionable funding vehicle to do so.

As you can see from my previous article, the timing behind putting another park measure on the November 2012 election is pure re-election politics.

That being said, if the Wildomar City Council is unwilling to embrace my long-standing suggestion to move City Hall to Marna O’brien Park, which would free up sufficient monies to maintain the park, at the very least, we should utilize the simplest, least expensive funding mechanism available, a parcel tax.

The benefit of a parcel tax is its simplicity and lack of layers of costly consultants to administrate the current Mello Roos/Community Facilities District proposal.

And we would avoid a city-wide stigma that would attach to each of our homes by it’s well-deserved, discredited name, “Mello Roos.”

Since 1983, 54% of proposed parcel taxes, by school districts,  have passed electoral muster, even with the required two thirds “super majority” required in each election.

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My favorite example, and the one most closely related to Wildomar, is the June 08, 2010 San Rafael Library, Measure C, which asked voters to approve a measure for $49 per parcel per year to supplement the salaries of their librarians, which passed with a nearly 75% approval in an economic environment comparable to the current economic environment (2010).

And, in addition to the simplicity of the parcel tax, a measure asking for $28 per parcel per year can still be added by the Wildomar City Council to the November 2012 election, as the deadline for filing to do so is August 06, 2012.

Citing a  law firm which specializes in parcel tax issues, the following: “In 2011, 18 of 27 (67%) of school district parcel tax measures were successful. While successful passage of a parcel tax measure takes due diligence and planning, there is still time to pursue a parcel tax election this year. The deadline to place a parcel tax measure on the November 6, 2012 election is August 10, 2012.”  (Thus eliminating any need for further staff impropriety).

In my opinion, putting any tax measure on the November 2012 ballot, where there  is going to be a number of unpopular tax initiatives submitted to the people by state officials, triggering a significant wave of “anti-tax” counter efforts, is politically foolhardy and likely  to end in another defeat for Wildomar’s parks.

But if a certain incumbent needs a parks tax measure to run on for her re-election, she should, at the very least, make it palatable to the voters.

If a simple parcel tax of $28 per year is put on the November 06, 2012 ballot, it will have my support.

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