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The Wildomar City Council has chosen to “double down” in a desperate political election gamble to promote the re-election of Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, by expending taxpayer monies for another park maintenance assessment in order to provide Bridgette Moore with a pro-parks platform for her re-election campaign.

A Special City Council meeting is set for Wednesday, June 27, 2012 to unveil the political work-in-progress that will be mis-portrayed as the opening effort in this campaign, despite the fact that taxpayer money has already been committed to the process without Council authorization after a properly agendized public hearing.

Unfortunately for Bridgette, and the taxpayers of Wildomar, the City Council is resorting to the exact same  Mello Roos/Community Facilities District proposal that they rolled out out in the failed Measure D election of June 07, 2011.

Please click on the following link to review the brief, 22 page City Council agenda packet, as follows (you’ll want to read the entire brief packet for context):


There are a number of issues to consider, as follows:

1) Expenditure of $43,000. (See Page 6 to confirm)

After spending almost $100,000 last year for a losing ballot measure, the City Council is going to spend another $43,000 for a re-run of the same election issue.

What has changed in a year? The economy is no better, and probably worse, than it was a year ago. The November 06, 2012 election will have a number of proposed taxes on the ballot, making the prospect of a highly motivated “anti-tax” voter turnout more likely. (Think Wisconsin, San Diego and San Jose election results for comparison of the political environments).

2) Consultant and Legal work is already underway.

Notice, if you will,  on Page 8 of the agenda packet, that preliminary work by the same consultant that worked on last year’s failed election, Webb & Associates, was already completed work on June 15, 2012, in order to meet a June 21, 2012 deadline. In addition, the City Attorney has also completed work necessary to meet the June 21, 2012 deadline.

How is it that the City Manager can authorize preliminary consultant/legal work for an election measure that has never had a properly-agendized public hearing?

Oviedo apparently presumes that the elected officials will ratify his actions?

Either City Manager Frank Oviedo has such a low regard for the deliberative capacity of the current City Council, or he has spoken with enough of them in a “daisy chain” Brown Act violation, that he already knows the outcome of Wednesday night’s special meeting.

3) After-the-fact survey.

One of the silliest aspects of this political theater is the proposed waste of $10,000 for a “survey of the community’s interest for funding parks…. This would provide the City Council with valuable information in order to determine community sentiments toward acceptable uses and funding of the parks.”

The survey is “necessary” because there isn’t sufficient time for another sports league-stacked Blue Ribbon Committee. Since the timeline to be on the November 06, 2012 election requires the City Council to act immediately, establishing the “uses” of the funds, any additional “valuable information” provided by a survey will be “after-the-fact.” And the $10,000 spent for the survey will be utterly wasted.

4) City Manager is engaging in politics.

City Manager Frank Oviedo is, to use a current gambling term, “going all in” in support of this re-election ploy. Using his supposed City Manager authority to authorize consultant/legal work for a November ballot measure prior to a public hearing, is sufficient evidence of his political duplicity.

Oviedo is gambling his professional integrity on the hope that Moore is re-elected to the City Council.

In my opinion, the November 2012 election results notwithstanding, he has bankrupted himself professionally by being complicit in this affair.

5) Desperation politics.

Bridgette Moore has a daunting task in her quest to be re-elected because she has a dismal voting record to defend.

The failure of last year’s Measure D, in my opinion, is directly attributable to her lack of leadership.

Bridgette was primarily responsible for the formation of the Blue Ribbon Committee that foolishly introduced the Mello Roos/Community Facilities District $5.2 million bond proposal into the electoral process, despite warnings that the term “Mello Roos” is lethal to voters. (Please review page 15 to confirm that this is, once again, the same Mello Roos/Community Facilities District as proposed last year).

Whether or not Bridgette Moore is successful in her re-election quest, and whether or not this “new” park funding proposal succeeds, she has corrupted Wildomar’s political process, and it’s professional bureaucracy by her desperation.

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