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Most of my readers, if you’ve followed Wildomar Magazine for any length of time, know of my successful screenwriting son and his accomplishments in a very difficult industry.

This afternoon, my beautiful and talented daughter, Melissa DiMeglio, came to Wildomar and took Sheryl and I out for my Father’s  Day celebratory lunch. As we ate, she recounted a recent photo shoot (she photographs high-end properties for real estate agents) that she completed at the residence of comedian Martin Lawrence who is attempting to rent his house.

Please click on the following  TMZ link, to enjoy, if you’re curious:

Melissa, who graduated from Murrieta Valley High School in 1994 (it was the initial graduating class), then went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in communications from Cal Poly Pomona. She graduated as the “outstanding senior” of the Communications Department in 2000.

Currently, she’s involved in a territorial dispute with the FAA and the LAPD over the use of small helicopters, which are able to carry cameras to a height of 400 feet, to address the growing market for unique overhead photographs and videos.

She is a vivacious and independent woman who still calls her “daddy” for technical advice on insurance matters and small home improvement issues.

Needless to say, I’m very proud of my youngest child.

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