Wildomar; Stuck In A….



Or is it?

Perhaps I was a bit optimistic in yesterday’s article by suggesting that the members and staff of the Southwest Communities Financing Authority (JPA), which oversees and governs the operation of the Animal Friends of the Valleys (AFV) were smart enough to engineer a compromise outcome that might forestall an effort on the part of Wildomar to secede from the JPA (but for the plausible threat of secession, this public meeting would not have occurred).

At the end of the day, inequitable” status quo” prevailed.

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Wildomar’s Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist  delivered a well-prepared, thoughtful analysis of a proposed financial model that would not provide significant, immediate economic relief for the City of Wildomar, but would eliminate a confusing variable which would then enable “apples to apples” cost comparisons that even a financial dullard could understand.

To her credit, Wildomar City Councilmember Bridgette Moore found her voice and plainly advocated on behalf of the City of Wildomar, as she spoke out in support of Nordquist, who was bearing the brunt of board animosity for his clarifying presentation.

Sensing that such clarification would be detrimental to the “status quo” of the current set up, the JPA board members were unable and unwilling to modify the unfair and inequitable allocation.

Status quo prevailed, leaving secession from the JPA as the only meaningful alternative for Wildomar.

Therefore, I will resume my efforts to press for the establishment of a municipal animal control service, properly scaled to address the specific animal control needs for the City of Wildomar.

This is a case where economic reality can become a political reality.

Simply stated, Wildomar cannot afford to remain a part of the Southwest Communities Financing Authority.

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We can no longer afford to put “puppies over people.”


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