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It all seems very odd to me. However, when you understand what’s at stake here, perhaps not.

As a result of the specific and sustained criticism of Wildomar residents, including yours truly, the Animal Friends of the Valleys/Southwest Communities Financing Authority (AFV/JPA) is apparently feeling the heat and has put together a “dog and pony show,” set for 1:00 PM this afternoon. 

The purpose of the meeting is to address Wildomar’s contention (as set forth by Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist) that the current “animal count” allocation, versus a “population count,” is economically detrimental and unfair to the City of Wildomar, to the tune of 2 1/2 times greater expense to Wildomar for their “share” of paying the $12,000,000 mortgage of the overly-lavish Mammalian Taj Mahal, than should be allocated.

In response, and in order to avoid the possibility that the City of Wildomar would consider seceding (that’s my recommendation) from the AFV/JPA (the only substantial victim/city that can do so without incurring enormous penalties), an unusual” agenda” has been published that will appear to provide the least objectionable supposed “compromise.”

Please click on the following link to review for context:

6.  Cost Allocation Ideas

 a) History/Status Quo-Cities of Temecula and Murrieta

It will be interesting to watch (I plan on attending to do so) these two cities explain how they somehow managed to create and sustain such unfair allocations while inducing un-sophisticated community leaders in Wildomar to become partners in this “overpriced” and “overrated”enterprise.

Why is it necessary to defend the status quo, since “it is what it is?”

It’s merely the opening act of the show.

b) Priority Housing Rights-City of Lake Elsinore

As part of the posturing to make it look like serious and meaningful alternatives are being considered, that City of Lake Elsinore will be demanding that animals that are picked up in Lake Elsinore will be guaranteed a “room at the inn,” or at least the first 26 out of 100 strays detained will get the preferential treatment that Lake Elsinore is stuck paying for.

Please click on the following Press Enterprise link to see if you can make any sense out of what counselors position:

Rather than argue that Lake Elsinore is also being taken advantage of by the “animal count” allocation, though to a lesser extent than Wildomar, this meaningless “proposed amendment” is offered as the second act of the show.

It’s only a distraction.

c) Cost Allocation based on Population Count-City of Wildomar

This is what the “dog and pony show” is all about, to whit, camouflaging the real issue by surrounding it with meaningless posturing and irrelevant ideas in order to minimize and diminish the impact of Gary Nordquist’s compelling arguments for a much more reasonable allocation based on population count.

d) One-Half Population and One Half Animal Count-City of Canyon Lake

While this “half-baked” compromise was first floated by a representative of Canyon Lake in the March 07, 2012 meeting, at the time, it appeared to be no more than “can’t we all get along?” plea from an elected official who didn’t like controversy or adversity.

However, given it’s position on the agenda, this appears to have been set up in such a way that it will become the only palatable “compromise” for Temecula, Murrieta, and/or Lake Elsinore, although its implementation would have little economic relief for Wildomar.

This will likely be the “final act.”

In the “final” analysis for Wildomar, in my rather informed opinion, anything less than an allocation based on “population count” will continue to be economically unfair, and unsustainable, for the City of Wildomar, providing reasonable justification for the City of Wildomar to extract itself from this inequitable agreement.

That would be the “final, final” act. And the best outcome for Wildomar.

I will be monitoring the meeting in order to observe how Wildomar’s elected representative, Councilmember Bridgette Moore, advocates on behalf of the city of Wildomar.

Since she originally facilitated and “led” Wildomar into this debacle, she has a lot to answer for.

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These people were hoping we wouldn’t notice what they are doing.


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