Confirmed: Zak’s Re-Thinking Wildomar….


Today’s Californian article lays out the factual economic realities for Wildomar and provides appropriate context to my proposed path for the future of Wildomar for two solid reasons, as follows:

1) The Comprehensive Fiscal analysis (“CFA”) which projected revenues of $15 million by the year 2011, and was the justifying, foundational basis for Wildomar’s Incorporation, unfortunately, didn’t pan out by half.

2) The State of California will continue to devour the tax revenues created by the private sector in order to fund its own bloated bureaucracy, probably for decades to come.

Therefore, as I’ve already proposed, permit me to simply outline the economic changes that I believe are necessary for Wildomar to function as a viable government body:

1) Eliminate one of our two city executive positions, saving up to $250,000 annually.
2) Sever Wildomar’s relationship with the Joint Powers Agency that funds Animal Friends of the Valley, saving up to $100,000 annually.
3) Re-locate City Hall to a single pre-manufactured building set up on the grounds of Marna O’Brien Park, saving up to $120,000 annually.
4) Review and rebid all current contracts, including contract employment relationships, such as InterWest, saving multiplied  1,000s annually.

Imagine, if you will, what Wildomar could do with those re-allocable savings totaling nearly $500,000?

Wildomar  would be able to afford operating Marna O’Brien and Windsong Parks.

Once again, Wildomar, a city of 32,000 citizens, and less than 10 employees, in my opinion, can be operated effectively with a single executive.

Lest you think my proposal specious and implausible, the City Manager just negotiated a three-month severance package extension ( for a total of nine months) to his contract to make this outcome less likely, if not more expensive. (This is not personal; it’s an economic proposal.) (See Wildomar Magazine article published on December 15, 2011, “Poison Pill,”  below.)

I am currently in the process of doing the research necessary regarding the proposed establishment of a city-operated Animal Shelter, that would   relieve Wildomar of the expense of paying its ill-advised portion of  the $12 million construction bond for a private, nonprofit organization, without the prospect of facility ownership.

It should not surprise you that  the inept City Councilmember Bridgette Moore was/is  the city’s Council representative to the Friends of the Valley JPA. (More on this later.)

At present, Wildomar is making the equivalent of what it would take to  make the monthly lease payments on a fleet of plush luxury SUVs, without ever owning them.

Since Wildomar owns title to the land upon which Marna O’Brien Park sits,  a pre-fabricated building could be set up as City Hall on a portion of the park, restoring the natural ” center of the city” to Wildomar’s civic feng shui. (Former Planning Commissioner Gary Andre, who is apparently thinking along the same lines, has already drawn up a design for the placement of the facility.)

After the initial setup costs, the monthly $10,000 monthly lease payment for the current location of the city offices will be a thing of the past.

Wildomar must evaluate and consider moving beyond using contract employees for its various services, including Planning and Public Works.

One of the reasons I have published this concept in detail, is that it is not necessary for the City to wait for the 2012 election cycle to begin to deliberate these ideas. Any one of the five current City Councilmembers could embrace one, or more, of the proposals and begin to examine and then deliberate their potential benefit to the citizens of Wildomar.

I would be happy to share my research and thoughts with them, for the betterment of the City of Wildomar.

 Comments are permitted.


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