Now that Windsong Park has been fenced in order to prevent access to any citizens of Wildomar, we should take a moment for a political necropsy as to how and why Windsong Park is closed.

First, the lawsuit filed by former resident  Steve Beutz(Beutz has moved from Wildomar), was filed back in 2006 (long before Wildomar became a city). After working its way through the court system, Beutz initially lost his case against Riverside County, but filed an appeal.

In 2010, the Fourth Court of Appeals overturned the initial verdict, and ruled in favor of Beutz over the legal arguments of Riverside County.

This has been a long and drawn out process, but the potential for an adverse ruling was always known to the entire City Council with plenty of time to make alternative preparations.

In 2010, when the adverse ruling became a fact of life in Wildomar, the City Council ignored sound advice from myself, and others, that a $28 per year replacement parcel tax should immediately be put on the ballot, without any delay. However, inept, ineffective leadership at the city Council level, in the persons of Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, could not bring themselves to make such a simple decision.

Rather, they resorted to the time-wasting artifice of a Blue Ribbon Committee, who took five months to come up with a consultant-driven $5.2 million Mello Roos bond issue that was doomed to failure from its inception, given the extremely negative connotation of “Mello Roos.”

The City Council finally dropped the $5.2 million bond issue in the face of public outcry, but were unwilling or unable to direct their staff to find a way to put a parcel tax on the next ballot. For some reason, Bridgette and her cronies were locked into that Mello Roos infrastructure.

We all know the result of the vote by the public on Measured D on June 07, 2011.

As a result of that significant failure of leadership by Mayor Bridgette Moore, Windsong Park is now closed off with a fence and Marna O’Brien Park is kept open only through the efforts of volunteers and fundraisers.

There were, and are, only five people in the City of Wildomar who have authority and power, as elected officials, to make decisions on our behalf. Steve Beutz (Beutz is not one of the five) may have filed a lawsuit against the county; a lawsuit that ultimately and negatively affects Wildomar, but he’s no longer the problem.

Inept, ineffective leadership is.

The ongoing park dilemma is still the result of the failure of our elected officials, through the failure and inability of then-Mayor Bridgette Moore to lead the City Council to a successful resolution of the park assessment dilemma, and which makes for a fair and reasonable allocation of responsibility for the fence across Windsong Park to Bridgette Moore.

As Pres. Harry Truman once said, “The buck stops here.” There is, simply, no one else to blame.   The fence, and gate, rightfully “belong” to Councilmember Bridgette Moore.

By the way, do you really think a fence will reduce the city’s liability exposure by unsuccessfully attempting to restrict access to Windsong Park to our energetic youth? (Photo taken by the Wildomar Magazine at Windsong Park on December 30 at approximately 3:30 PM).

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Don’t expect an apology, or some verbal form of contrition, for her failed leadership emanating anytime soon  from the lips of Bridgette. That would be the mark of a mature politician. Besides, next year is an election year and Bridgette must find someone else, anyone else, to blame for her failures.


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