Wildomar Chamber Of Commerce Could Not Have Been More…..



…. Which is why they should mind their own business.

As I continued, like an amateur  political proctologist, to explore the dark crevasses of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, I found this amazingly out-of-touch promotion on the Wildomar Chamber’s website!!!


Granite Construction’s Liberty Quarry project has no discernible economic benefit for  the City of Wildomar itself, other than campaign contributions to Chamber members, Mayor Marsha Swanson and boy-Mayor-Elect, Kim Jong Benoit.

The support of the Liberty Quarry was brought up several years ago by the farmhand, Scott Farnam, but the Wildomar City Council majority, led by Sheryl Ade, concluded that Wildomar did not have any valid reason to weigh in on the  quarry issue and chose not to take any public stance on the matter, properly leaving it to the citizens of Temecula to decide their own fate, without Wildomar’s meaningless interference.

Apparently, the leadership of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce never got the message.

It may have been, as Chamber CEO Scott Mann pimped, “the right project at the right location at the right time” but the people of Temecula were/are the right people to make that determination.

The Wildomar Chamber of Commerce should try to figure out what it’s own business is, and then mind it.

I would be more than happy to sit down with Mann’s successor to discuss “the Chamber’s business,” or he/she can simply read the pages of Wildomar Magazine, presuming he/she will be literate. (We could meet in Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, or Temecula;  wherever it is convenient or closer to her/his residence or business.)

 Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

By the way, since soon-to-be former CEO Scott Mann is such a large “orifice,” access for the political proctological examination was easy. (See WM archive for October 29, 2009 for context.)


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