Murrieta Chamber CEO Resigns…



Rampant appetite suppression reaches epidemic levels.

Why would the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce be upset by the resignation of the CEO of the Murrieta Chamber?

‘Cause a significant number of Wildomar Chamber of Commerce members are from Murrieta…. and Temecula… and Lake Elsinore, etc.

This motley collection of bedroom business magnates and marginal franchisees scurry from city to city attending the various Chamber “mixers” and Rotary meetings, feverishly networking like incestuous underground rodents, developing border-crossing political influence, but rarely, business.

Please click on the following Californian article to confirm:

Originally from Canada? Murrieta? Now headed Out-of-state?

Congratulations to Oliver on his personal career opportunities, but how much commitment to a community can that represent? He illustrates my point about the Chamber. It’s not a service club; it’s a commercial business, specializing in political access.

Oliver is no friend of Wildomar. He supported it’s annexation to Murrieta, as follows:

Oliver’s farewell speech should include the story of a young pastor, upon announcing his resignation from his church on a Sunday morning, and while greeting his parishioners at the front door of the sanctuary after the service (do pastors do this anymore?), encountered an elderly female parishioner who was apparently overcome by grief at his announcement.

“There, there, Sister, there’ll be another fine pastor arriving soon to replace me.” Still unconsoled, the elderly woman responded tearfully, “That’s what they said the last time.”

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Eventually the Murrieta Valley Unified School District may come to rue the day that they fostered the mingling of adult Chamber members and minor students on a high school campus.

I’m just saying.


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