Schizophrenia At The Wildomar Council……


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m schizophrenic,

And so am I.

It appears that Wildomar City Council is bumping into itself,coming around its own corner.

Consider, if you will, Dear Reader, the Staff Report for next Wednesday evening’s City Council meeting, as follows:

On the one hand, Councilmember Tim Walker recently made it clear that he does not want to expend the time and effort necessary, as a councilmember, to study development project applications coming before the City of Wildomar, obviously desirous of having decisions made by the Planning Commission, so  that there is no need for any project come before the City Council.

On the other hand, according to the staff report, the Council is concerned that Planning Commission “did not have the necessary experience to make approval decisions as a body,” in addition to their concern “that a project could be approved even though members of the City Council were not in agreement with the Planning Commission.”

Based on the above, it appears the City Council wants to eliminate the body of commissioners that they appointed, based on their lack of qualification. If that is the case, these men and women should not have been appointed to the Planning Commission in the first place.

On the third hand, there is apparently a concern for Planning Commission decisions which are to come to the city Council as “receive and  file” items on the consent calendar,” where a councilmember could theoretically “pull the item and garner support for it not to be approved.”

Far be it for this Council to permit a member, or a group of members, of the public to express their concerns about any project coming before the city.

So, which is it?

Does the City Council wish to delegate all authority to the Planning Commission, which they themselves apparently do not respect? Or does the City Council wish to eliminate the Planning Commission altogether, and make all the decisions themselves, knowing that the public could have a far greater impact on the process?

This is a delicious dilemma for a City Council who is too unsophisticated/ignorant and too lazy to become educated on planning and land development issues in order to be able to fulfill their obligations as City Council members, and who have no confidence in their appointees to the Planning Commission, and to know that if the matter is ultimately approved by the City Council in a public forum, that potential public input might uncomfortably complicate the process for them in their quest to approve substandard projects, such as there was on the Robles and Subway projects.

Or they can always choose to wait for the eventual, unavoidable lawsuit that follows, to sort everything out for them.

What do they expect when they appointed their real estate co-workers, Chamber of Commerce and church cronies to a commission that requires a lot of hard work?

And a brain.

It appears that their schizophrenic chickens are coming home to roost.

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