Thank You, Sheryl Ade….



Once again, had it not been for the leadership of former Wildomar City Councilmember Sheryl Ade, today’s Patch news article regarding a $125,000 grant from the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”) to Wildomar “to develop a plan for historic areas,” this grant would not have been awarded to Wildomar.

Councilmember Ade, the SCAG representative from Wildomar, during Future Agenda Items on September 08, 2010, asked staff to put the authorization to request  the potential grant on the next agenda for consideration.

Please click on the following link and scroll down to page 14 to confirm:

Therefore, before the uninformed backslapping gets out of hand, it is important to give credit where credit is due.

Again, thank you, Sheryl Ade, for your leadership on Wildomar’s behalf in securing this $125,000 grant.

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